How are Aero-Kards™ formatted for sale?

• Aero-Kards™ are sold individually in hard “topload” shields for $0.75 each. Buy ten individual cards and get one free.*
• They are sold in grab packs of ten cards picked randomly from all those cards in print for $2.00 per pack.*
• They are sold in series sets of twenty four cards each for $10.00 per set. Buy more than one set for special discount.
• Aero-Kards™ are also sold in gift sets with aircraft models, T-Shirts, and Ray Courtman Air Show Photographs. These items are priced individually and are available at the Aero-Kards™ air show booth or from Ray’s website.*

* All prices are quoted in Canadian funds, but payment may be made in either Canadian or US funds. Orders shipped or mailed from Ray Courtman Enterprises are subject to a shipping and handling fee.

How do I order my own Aero-Kards™?

Simply choose which format you wish to purchase (singles, Grab Packs, or Series Sets).

Here are the different Aero-Kards formats to choose from.
• Individual Cards in a hard top loading shield $0.75 each

• Grab Packs of 10 randomly selected cards $2.00 each
Chosen from Sets A through F

• Boxed Series Sets A to F with 24 cards per set $10.00 per Series Set

• Special Series Set pricing for 2 or more sets!
– 2 Sets $17.50
– 3 Sets $25.00
– 4 Sets $32.50
– 5 Sets $40.00
– All 6 Sets (A to F) $47.50

Check to the right for your shipping and handling fees.

Shipping & Handling


If your order is… Cost of S & H
$0.75 to $10.00 $4.50
$10.01 to $20.00 $6.50
$20.01 to $30.00 $8.50
$30.01 to $40.00 $10.50
$40.01 to $50.00 $12.50
$50.01 to $60.00 $13.50
$60.01 to $70.00 $14.50
$70.01 to $80.00 $15.50
$80.01 to $90.00 $16.50
$90.01 to $100.00 $17.50
$100.01 or more Free!



More About Aero-Kards™

Aero-Kards™ Flash Game

“Flash” is an Aero-Kard™ game. All you need is a bunch of Aero-Kards™ and two aviation enthusiasts.

If you wish to order for re-sale, wholesale prices are available.  Contact Ray directly at or call at (403) 947-3759 or fax at (403) 947-2805.

Ray’s photographs are not available for sale online at this time.  Please contact Ray by email for photo sizes, formats and pricing.