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Ray Courtman has been photographing aircraft and air shows for more than forty years! His photos have appeared in some of the best known aviation publications, on billboards, air show posters, and in air show programs.  In 2000, Ray decided to share his photo artistry in a new and different way; Aero-Kards™!

Aero-Kards™ are aviation collector cards.  They are the same size as hockey or baseball cards.  They feature aircraft, pilots, and air show personalities.  For more information visit the Aero-Kards™ page.

Air Show and Aviation Photography

On almost every summer weekend, Ray Courtman can be found at an air show! Ray is very familiar with air show safety, regulations, and protocols.  He often attends air show briefings and discusses his plans to “shoot the show” with the air show air boss.  His shots have been used by many air show organizers and performers to promote their show.  Performers have used Ray’s shots in promotional material.

When shooting for an organizer or performer, Ray prefers to follow a “shot list”.  That means he follows a list of shots required.  Sponsors, charities, special ceremonies, and performers can be covered so all aspects of the show are captured.

Contact Ray at aerokard@hotmail.com to have him shoot your show in the spring and summer!


Ray has been a member of the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) for more than twenty years.

Ray loves air show photography.  He has shot from high performance aerobatic aircraft and more sedate camera-ships alike.  Ground shots are usually taken during an air show from in front of the crowd line.  For prop planes, Ray likes to use a lower shutter speed so the propeller is a blur, showing speed.  He uses a higher shutter speed to capture compression vapour coming off high speed jet fighters.  Visit the Gallery to see some air show photos.

Ray and his family often operate a small booth at air shows selling Ray’s photographs, die cast models, posters and other air show souvenirs, along with Ray’s famous Aero-Kards!

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All photography here has been done by Ray Courtman, unless otherwise noted.  All photos and Aero-Kards™ are copyrighted and all rights are held by Ray Courtman.  Aero-Kards™ are also trademarked in the United States and Canada.  Any reproduction of the material herein without consent of Ray Courtman is strictly prohibited.

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