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What aircraft and aviation personalities star in each series?

Series A:

A1.      Boeing 737-200Aero-Kard13 Front
A2.      A-10 Thunderbolt II
A3.      F-16 Fighting Falcon
A4.      Pitts Special S-2                                          
A5.      Boeing 757-200
A6.      CF-18 Hornet
A7.      Douglas DC-9
A8.      McDonnell Douglas DC-10
A9.      Cessna C-172
A10.    B-52 Stratofortress                                      
A11.    C-130 Hercules
A12.    Boeing 747-200
A13.    Sopwith TriplaneAero-Kard A13 Back
A14.    Canadair CL-600 Challenger
A15.    Beech 18 Expeditor
A16.    B-1B Lancer
A17.    CF-100 Canuck
A18.    Airbus A340
A19.    F-117A Nighthawk
A20.    A6M Zero-Sen
A21.    F-104 Starfighter
A22.    Fairchild Metro
A23.    Douglas DC-3, C-47, Dakota
A24.    DeHavilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter


Series B:       Featuring Planes Fighting The War On Terrorism

B1.      F-14 TomcatAero-Kard B24 Front
B2.      F-15 Eagle
B3.      F-16 Fighting Falcon
B4.      F-18F Super Hornet
B5.      C-5 Galaxy
B6.      C-141 Starlifter
B7.      C-17 Globemaster III
B8.      C-130 Hercules
B9.      F-117A Nighthawk                                                 
B10.    A-10 Thunderbolt II
B11.    KC-135 Stratotanker
B12.    KC-10 ExtenderAero-Kard B24 Back
B13.    UH-60 Blackhawk series
B14.    B-1B Lancer
B15.    B-52 Stratofortress
B16.    Douglas DC-8
B17.    DeHavilland DH-100 Vampire
B18.    Concorde
B19.    Airbus A319, A320, A321 series
B20.    Martin 170 Mars
B21.    CM 170 Magister
B22.    North American T-6, SNJ, Texan, Harvard
B23.    Airbus A330
B24.    CT-114 Tutor (currently flown by Canada’s Snowbirds)

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Series C:       Featuring The Pilots and The Warbirds

C1.      Bill CarterAero-Kard C1 Front
C2.      Eric Beard – Russian Thunder
C3.      Kent Pietsch
C4.      Jim Hrymack
C5.      Bud Granley
C6.      Ken Fowler
C7.      Avro Lancaster
C8.      F4U Corsair
C9.      B-17 Flying Fortress                                   
C10.    P-51 Mustang
C11.    North American T-6, SNJ, Texan, or Harvard
C12.    DeHavilland Tiger MothAero-Kard C1 Back
C13.    Avro Anson
C14.    A-26/B-26 Invader
C15.    Bird Dog
C16.    PBY Catalina/Canso
C17.    DHC-5 Buffalo
C18.    CP-140 Aurora
C19.    Vickers VC-10
C20.    F-28 Fellowship
C21.    DHC-8 Dash 8
C22.    Boeing/ Stearman Kaydet
C23.    CH-113 Labrador
C24     SA 341/342 Gazelle

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Series D:

D1.      Cessna O-2B SkymasterAero-Kard D14 Front
D2.      TFB Avenger
D3.      Beechcraft 1900 series
D4.      Boeing 747-400
D5.      Canadair CL-215
D6.      Antonov An-124
D7.      DeHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk
D8.      Ilyshin Il -96
D9.      B-25 Mitchell
D10.    Piper Cherokee series
D11.    Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
D12.    T-33/CL-30 Silver StarAero-Kard D14 Back
D13.    Harrier
D14.    A-4 Skyhawk
D15.    B-2A Spirit                            
D16.    DeHavilland MR Mk2 Nimrod
D17.    AD-1 Skyraider
D18.    Fokker F-27 Friendship
D19.    CH-146 Griffon
D20.    Bell Jet Ranger series
D21.    Gee Bee Racer
D22.    Barry Pendrak
D23.    Eric Beard – Russian Thunder
D24.    Bud Granley

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Series E:

E1.      Jerzy Strzyz – Sukhoi SU-26Aero-Kard E12 Front
E2.      Jim Hrymack – Pitts Special S2S
E3.      Rob Harrison – Zlin 50LX
E4.      Boeing 727-200
E5.      Cessna 208 Caravan
E6.      Pilatus PC-12
E7.      Bell 212 Twin           
E8.      Antonov An-225 Mriya
E9.      CL-28 Argus
E10.    CH-149 Cormorant
E11.    AC-47 Gunship
E12.    CT-156 Harvard IIAero-Kard 12 Back
E13.    Fleet 16 Finch
E14.    EA-6B Prowler
E15.    CF-18 Demo Hornet
E16.    Eric Hansen – F1 Rocket
E17.    Bill Carter – Pitts Special S2S
E18.    Kent Pietsch – Interstate Cadet
E19.    Robosaurus
E20.    John Mrazek – Harvard MK IV
E21.    Daryl Lowey - Citabria
E22.    Carol Pilon – Wingwalker - Stearman
E23.    Ken Fowler – Harmon Rocket
E24.    CH-124 (S-61) Sea King

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Series F:

F1.      Mike Berrichoa – Air Show AnnouncerAero-Kard F5 Front
F2.      Barry Pendrak – Super Skybolt
F3.      Kevin Hopkins – Yak 55
F4.      Georges “Chicken” Bertrand - Christen Eagle
F5.      Curtis JN-4 Jenny or Canuck
F6.      Waco AQC-6 Cabin Biplane
F7.      Lockheed L-188 Electra
F8.      Team Rocket
F9.      Bellanca Citabria
F10.    North American T-28 Trojan                                  
F11.    Fokker F-VII Super Universal series
F12.    Bud & Ross Granley – Yak 18 & Yak 55Aero-Kard F5 Back
F13.    F-86 Sabre
F14.    A-7 Corsair II
F15.    Rob Harrison – Zlin 50LX
F16.    Blue Angels
F17.    Thunderbirds
F18.    Boeing B-737-600,700, & 800 series
F19.    CT-155 Hawk
F20.    Canadian Heritage Flights
F21.    Aero L-29 Delfin
F22.    CF-18 2003 Demo Hornet
F23.    Douglas DC-6
F24.    Canadair RJ

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Series G:

G1. Hawker Fury & Sea Fury
G2. Roy Hafeli – Air Show Announcer
G3. Snowbirds
G4. Warren Pietsch – Clipped Wing Taylorcraft
G5. Mikoyan – Gurevitch MiG-15
G6. Ross Granley – Yak 18
G7. Kevin Hopkins – Sukhoi SU 29
G8. The Northern Aeros – Sukhoi SU 29 & SU 26
G9. Kent Pietsch – Interstate Cadet
G10. Canadair F-86 Sabre – Hawk One
G11. Dan Buchanan – Hang Glider
G12. Jim Hrymack – Harvard Mk IV
G13. Grumman S2F Tracker
G14. Douglas CF-18A 2009 Demo Hornet
G15. CF Skyhawks
G16. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29
G17. Grumman F7F Tigercat
G18. North American B-25J Mitchell
G19. North American P-51D Mustang
G20. Lockheed S-3 Viking
G21. Piaggio P.180 Avanti
G22. Lockheed 10 Electra
G23. Supermarine Spitfire

G24. Zlin Z242L

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Series H:

H1.         Grumman Firecat / Turbo Firecat
H2.         WACO-UPF Series Biplanes
H3.         Avro / Hawker Siddeley BAe748 / Andover
H4.         Eddie Andreini – Stearman
H5.         Cessna 188 / Ag Wagon Series
H6.         Vickers Viscount
H7.         Bell AH-1 HueyCobra
H8.         Jon Melby – S-1-11b
H9.         de Havilland Beaver
H10.       CASA-212 Aviocar
H11.       Barnstormers’ Loop
H12.       Ron Andrew – Pitts Special S2B
H13.       Noorduyn Norseman
H14.       Yakovlev Yak-11
H15.       Team Rocket
H16.       Twin Otter CF-PAT
H17.       CF-18A Demo Hornet 2010
H18.       Grumman Bearcat
H19.       Goodyear Corsair
H20.       Avro Shackleton
H21.       CF Snowbirds – Big Diamond Topside
H22.       Aichi ‘Val’ Dive Bomber
H23.       The Silver Dart
H24.       Dave Mathieson – Pitts Special X2C



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More about Aero-Kards


Aero-Kard Hint #1 - Start your Aero-Kard collection today.  Watch for new cards coming out each spring.


Aero-Kard Hint #2 - Aero-Kards make excellent gifts for the airplane enthusiast, young and old.


Aero-KardHint #3 - You can use a hockey card collector binder or pages to store your Aero-Kard collection.


Aero-Kard Hint #4 - Aero-Kards are designed to autographed by pilots and aviation personalities.  The lacquered finish will protect the card but can be written on with a fine felt tip pen.   Take your collection to the next air show in your area and see how many cards you can get autographed.


Aero-Kard Hint #5 - “Flash” is an Aero-Kard game.  All you need is a bunch of Aero-Kards and two aviation enthusiasts.


Directions for Flash:

  1. Sort the cards so they are all face up, each showing the aircraft or aviation personality.
  2. The two players sit face-to-face.
  3. One player (the presenter) takes the cards and shows the front of the first card to the other player (the challenger) while reading the information on the reverse side. 
  4. The challenger attempts to identify the aircraft or aviation personality shown on the card.
  5. If the challenger correctly identifies the aircraft or aviation personality, that card is placed face up in front of the challenger.   If the challenger is not successful at identifying the aircraft or aviation personality, the card is placed face up in front of the presenter.
  6. After all the cards have been played the players count the cards in front of them.  The player with the most cards wins that round.
  7. The winner then gathers up the cards into a single deck, shuffles them and starts another round.  Usually the winner of the round becomes the presenter for the next round, but players can alternate roles if they desire. 


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Aero-Kard display

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