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Ray Courtman has been photographing aircraft and air shows for more than forty years!  His photos have appeared in some of the best known aviation publications, on billboards, air show posters, and in air show programs.  In 2000, Ray decided to share his photo artistry in a new and different way; Aero-Kards™!Ray Courtman


Aero-Kards™ are aviation collector cards.  They are the same size as hockey or baseball cards.  They feature aircraft, pilots, and air show personalities.  For more information visit the Aero-Kards™ page.


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All photography here has been done by Ray Courtman, unless otherwise noted. 

All photos and Aero-Kards™ are copyrighted and all rights are held by Ray Courtman.  Aero-Kards™ are also trademarked in the United States and Canada.  Any reproduction of the material herein without consent of Ray Courtman is strictly prohibited.  Please contact Ray at :



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Created and produced by Ray Courtman

What are Aero-KardsAero-Kards™ are aviation collector cards.  Aero-Kards™ are the same size as baseball or hockey cards.  They are trading cards featuring aircraft, pilots, and air show personalities.  The cards are produced in series sets of twenty four cards each.  Aircraft are shown in many different poses; flying, landing, taxiing, taking off, parked and chocked, even on display in museums!   All types of aircraft are represented in Aero-Kards™, everything from a World War I Sopwith Triplane to the most advanced B-2 Spirit, stealth bomber.

How many Aero-Kards™ are in print right now?  In the spring of 2011 there were 192 different Aero-Kards™ in print with new cards coming out every year. Series I is due to be completed in the spring of 2012. 

Where can I buy Aero-Kards?
Aero-Kards are sold at better air shows and gift shops across North America.  Contact your local gift shops and collector card shops.  Look for the Aero-Kards Aero-Kards Booth at an Air Showbooth at air shows in Alberta and British Columbia.  OR Aero-Kards are available directly from Ray Courtman Enterprises in Beiseker, Alberta, Canada by mail order! Check the Aero-Kards Store for an order form and prices.


Ray Courtman Enterprises
P.O. Box 32, Beiseker, Alberta, Canada
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Ray and Madeline are very proud to announce that this website won an award at the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) Marketing Competition. This website took first place in the Support services Website category!

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